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Pink Bows Foundation™ was established in honor of Madison Alexis Dubiski, who passed away at the age of 23 while attending the Astroworld music festival on November 5, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Madison was known for her loving and kind personality, as well as her dedication to community service. She had completed over 500 volunteer hours and worked with 25 non-profits by the time she graduated high school. The foundation aims to continue Madison's legacy of giving back.

As Madison loved to say
"Sprinkle Kindness
Like Confetti!"

Madison’s Continuing Legacy

After Madison's death, a local initiative called Pink Bows for Madison sparked an outpouring of love and support. The initiative quickly went viral and spread across the country and internationally, with thousands of pink bows being placed in her honor.

The Pink Bows Foundation is a tribute to the life of Madison Dubiski, who passed away with so much more to offer and love to give. It aims to nurture and support causes that were important to her and her community, leaving a lasting impression on our hearts that will never fade away. Madison's spirit lives on through the foundation, as we strive to make a difference in her honor.

Our Vision

All pillars will be based on Fundraising, Charitable Giving and Service Projects.


Funding mechanisms that support training, safety protocols and specialized plans via task forces specific to outdoor music festivals to help mitigate future tragedies and keep patrons safe.

Support of groups working with local and state agencies to implement a “Maddie’s Law” or “Showstoppers” initiative, which would allow a third party independent decision maker to stop an event when mandatory regulations and safety protocols have been breached to ensure safety at concerts, festivals and other large gatherings.

Create Pink Bows Safe Space™, which are designed for individuals who feel overwhelmed, anxious or uneasy, and need a mental health break. Our safe space will offer a quiet and calming environment where you can remove yourself from the chaos and relax, take deep breaths, find a peaceful spot to sit, focus on an object, listen to soothing music, or speak to one of our Mental Health Counselors. Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere that is safe and welcoming to everyone, where you can reset and feel confident that you are not in any emotional or physical danger.


Offer scholarships to undergraduate students with emphasis on leadership, community service, and academic achievement. Additionally, invest in the growth of individuals through Dance and Cheer programs to foster their personal development and leadership skills.

a child standing next to a sign

Childhood Cancer

Support children by enriching their lives while battling disease and receiving treatment.

Special Needs

Prioritize programs that enhance the well-being of people and families, offering assistance and assurance for a stable and comfortable way of living.

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Pink Bows Foundation is a public charity, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (Tax ID 88-2721270) and retains legal control over the contributed assets.

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Pink Bows Foundation will strategically grow to host events and fundraising efforts beginning in the near future. Please continue to support and follow our social media accounts on FB and IG - @PinkBowsFoundation for updates.

If your company, group or charity would like to hold a fundraiser on Madison’s behalf via Pink Bows Foundation please email us, or complete the contact form.

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We are excited to find and partner with amazing volunteers for multiple Pink Bows Foundation initiatives and other supported Pink Bows service projects in the near future.

Pink Bows Foundation is interested in learning more about potential groups and non-profit organizations that could be within our support pillars. Contact us to share more about your organization.