Pink Bows Safety Spaces “coming soon” to provide patrons emotional support during Live Events

The Pink Bows Safe Space creates a place within a festival or live concert venue where attendees can go when they feel overwhelmed or if they become uncomfortable with event safety and security. 

During large events, attendees can feel scared, helpless, and voiceless when they have concerns about their safety. Often, event staff and security personnel lack the training to identify and mitigate dangerous crowd dynamics. Moreover, promoters and venue managers can be slow to make safety decisions that could adversely impact the profitability of an event. 

The Pink Bows Safe Space will serve as a sanctuary for people who are overwhelmed at a venue, offering a seat for those who need a break, water for those who are dehydrated, and more. 

The Pink Bows Safe Space will also be a place attendees can go to raise concerns about event safety and security. The staff of the Pink Bows Safe Space, along with the leadership at the Pink Bows Foundation will maintain relationships with key event personnel, local authorities, and members of the press. When credible safety concerns arise, Pink Bows will be able to communicate directly with event promoters and venue managers. If that fails to correct the issue, Pink Bows can elevate the concerns to local authorities. 

As part of our Showstoppers initiative, Pink Bows will serve as an independent third-party whistleblower who can sound the alarm if there is a safety or security concern worthy of calling for a pause or termination of a live event. 

Often medical tents at live venues become overwhelmed with people who are experiencing psychological trauma and anxiety due to the stress of being part of a large crowd. Pink Bows aspires to provide mental health counselors who can help attendees in crisis and reduce the strain on medical tents. 

Pink Bows strives to cooperate with promoters and venues as a valued safety and security partner. We hope the Pink Bows Safe Place will become a visible symbol of safety and security for attendees. 

Pink Bows Safe Space and the Pink Bows Foundation were born of the Astroworld Tragedy which claimed ten lives, including the life of Madison Dubiski. In the wake of the tragedy, people around Houston began displaying “Pink Bows for Madison” to honor her memory. The grass-roots movement spread, and people across the country and around the world began wearing pink shirts, adorning their homes and businesses with pink bows, and contributing to the #pinkbowsformadison hashtag. The international phenomenon became a show of support for all the victims of the Astroworld Tragedy. Madison’s parents founded the Pink Bows Foundation to advocate safety and security reform at live events to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the future. 

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Pink Bows Foundation will strategically grow to host events and fundraising efforts beginning in the near future. Please continue to support and follow our social media accounts on FB and IG - @PinkBowsFoundation for updates.

If your company, group or charity would like to hold a fundraiser on Madison’s behalf via Pink Bows Foundation please email us, or complete the contact form.